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We appreciate and salute our incredible supporters for assisting us to increase our impact and inspire more people to CARE about the ocean and the natural world.


Recurring donors

Thank you to our recurring donors, who have committed to a monthly donation to support our work in ocean conservation, awareness, research and education. 

Derek Marnewick | Jacinta Subjee | Chau Woeste | Maritza Koch | Chava Caplan | Nika-Katya Subjee | Hayley McLellan | Nathalie Viljoen | Wolfgang Preiser | Robyn Addinall | Maryke Musson | Katja Laingui | Sue Hook | Wafiqah Slamong | Aisha Martin | Rafee’ah Ismail | James Watters | Christina Rockstroh | Denise Zeeman | Desiree Nash | Amy Williams | Janine Oosthuizen | Michelle Vamvadelis | Priya Harry | Annemarie Swart | Talitha Noble | Marcelle White | Cleeve Robertson | Mandi Howes | Carla du Toit | Nicole Gerber | Chris Smit | Mathilde Pieterse | 

Thank you

Thank you to our incredible photographer friends for donating their time, creative energy and beautiful images of our work.

Sacha Specker, Kate Jonker, Jean Tresfon, Geoff Spiby, Steve Benjamin, Olivia Fraser, Cleeve Robertson,

Wesley Lewis,  Lynton Burger, Devin Trull, Jacques Marais, Martine Viljoen & Lisa Beasley.