Happy 25th birthday Two Oceans Aquarium!
Katja Laingui
Katja is the Education Operations Manager at the Aquarium Foundation. She gives support to the education team and the Foundation staff as a whole, with her attention to detail and project management skills. She also has a degree in sustainable development and one of her interests involves how to make people more interested in nature and the ecosystem services that we depend on. She is the author of the regular 'K's Kreature Feature' blog.
The Two Oceans Aquarium is a special place. Unique and amazing with what it has to offer. Our team at the Aquarium Foundation are so lucky and happy that we get to call the Aquarium our home. Without it, we would not exist and be able to do the work we do. We are a young organisation, founded from the 25-year long legacy that the Aquarium built, to educate people about the ocean and its inhabitants. We continue the successful turtle rehabilitation programme that the Aquarium initiated, and could not do any of it without having the space for our rehabilitation facility. Our Wildlife Management Programme, in collaboration with the V&A Waterfront, is another initiative that originated from the Aquarium. It has a long history of innovation, and compassion for the animals that call the V&A Waterfront precinct their home. We are proud to continue this programme, for the welfare of these animals. Most importantly, the education and awareness programmes, that have impacted more than one million children over the past 25 years, is the essence of what the Foundation is about. We carry forward, and aim to grow these programmes, which the Aquarium wholeheartedly supported and nurtured. It is this focus on ocean education that makes the Two Oceans Aquarium truly special. Only through education should a facility exist, which holds animals in captivity. And the Aquarium has shown that meaningful and impactful education can be offered by showcasing ambassador species and giving visitors a glimpse into an underwater world, which for most is not accessible. Making marine environments, and in turn marine education, accessible to all has been the mission of the Aquarium for the past 25 years. We are grateful and honoured to be able to continue this legacy and reach even more people. Thank you Two Oceans Aquarium! Here is to another amazing 25 years of collaboration and team work to save the ocean and the amazing animals within, through conservation, awareness, research and education.
Since all of our staff used to work at the Two Oceans Aquarium, some for more than 20 years, who better to reflect on what the Aquarium means to them. For all of us, the Aquarium is a second home and we have experienced major life events while working here. Some of our own children have grown up, or are growing up, at the Aquarium and experiencing the beautiful exhibits and animals first hand. Our colleagues have become our second family and we appreciate the hard work that goes into making the Aquarium the world-class facility that it is.
For over 10 years The Aquarium has always been my home away from home, and colleagues have been my family. I started out as a very shy girl and grew into a confident lady working in this lovely environment.
Wafiqah Daniels

ECD Coordinator, Aquarium Foundation

Today I am celebrating the next 25 years of ocean passion, turtle rescues, underwater exploration, marine education, aquatic stories and blue planet inspiration, while proudly looking back at 25 years of making a difference and connecting people to our world, right here at our home, our fishy family, our Aquarium. Happy Birthday Two Oceans Aquarium!
Maryke Musson

CEO, Aquarium Foundation

The Two Oceans Aquarium has been a home of leading the field of Environmental Education for the past 20 years.  As the V&A Waterfront has developed into Africa’s foremost tourist attraction. Its icon facility, the Two Oceans Aquarium, has become a premier funding conduit for the education effort made developing Marine Sciences education.
Russell Stevens

Head of Education, Aquarium Foundation

I have learned so many things from the Aquarium about the Ocean and have made so many discoveries. It is a happy place for me and I grow with it each day. Thank you.
Liziwe Mbana

Play Centre Assistant, Aquarium Foundation

The Aquarium has been my mentor and I’m it’s protégé.  I pray that its hearts goodness reaches many more.
Rafee'ah Ismail

ECD Assistant, Aquarium Foundation

The Aquarium instantly became my happy place, as a teacher moving from formal schooling ten years ago. It provides an environment in which learning and teaching becomes relevant and fun. It has enabled me to share my passion for the Ocean and its inhabitants and to inspire students of all ages to want to act for positive change.
Xavier Zylstra

Deputy Head of Education, Aquarium Foundation

The Aquarium offers opportunities to not only connect with your passion and love for the ocean but continuously allows you to gain knowledge and grow and share with people of all ages. I wish the Aquarium many years of open doors to connect others to the ocean.
Nathalie Viljoen

Head of Research, Aquarium Foundation

The Aquarium, a place of wonder and beauty, filled with people who care, create, and inspire each other.  Happy Birthday Aquarium, may you continue to be a place that allows people to become better versions of themselves.
Marguerite Venter

Head of ECD, Aquarium Foundation

I first became involved in the Aquarium’s educational offerings in in high school in 2001. Over a decade later, I am proud to be part of a team who continues to provide the quality educational conservation messages about our marine environment that have stuck with me since then.
Anzio Abels

Outreach Teacher, Aquarium Foundation

The aquarium is just a special place, basically my second home! My days started at the aquarium in 2008, as a front of house/behind the scenes volunteer, and working with penguins. Over the years, the aquarium has had a huge influence on my life and my role as a Marine Sciences Educator. I have learnt so much and working with beautiful animals and incredible colleagues is such a treat. Heaps of love for the Aquarium. Thank you.
Kirshia Govender-Koumbatis

Marine Educator, Aquarium Foundation

Funny that I should associate the Aquarium’s 25th Birthday with walking but somehow I do. I walked in here at the age of 25, and will be walking these corridors after 25 years in Feb 2021. In that time I’ve walked in the penguin mascot suit, walked 120 km’s for penguin awareness, seen my kids walk through the Aquarium 25 million times and still not tire for loving and appreciating the aquatic beauty on display. Thanks for the scenic, tranquil and rewarding walk TOA. Let’s do this for another 25.

Jacinta Subjee

Executive Foundation Administrator, Aquarium Foundation

Working with so many people over the years is like having an extended family that will always have a place in your heart. Here’s to many more “family gatherings”  Two Oceans Aquarium.
Carrin Viret

School Group Bookings Coordinator, Aquarium Foundation

What the aquarium means to me is connecting to the underwater world and a place to free your mind and thoughts. I wish the aquarium to be this beautiful for the next 100 years so our children can see and learn about this amazing ocean.
Siphokazi Matolengwe

Drama Assistant, Aquarium Foundation

The Aquarium is a place of learning, happiness and making turtally awesome memories. I wish the Aquarium many more happy and healthy years.
Aisha Martin

ECD Teacher, Aquarium Foundation

Part of our job is to do environmental education entertainment on various platforms. The Aquarium gave me a beautiful platform to live my passion for the performing arts, through the environment al entertainment we present. They made my passion a reality… I can’t wait to entertain more audiences on environmental awareness through my passion and love that I have for the arts.
Jerome Stationway

Playcentre Supervisor, Aquarium Foundation

My 12 years at the Aquarium have taught me that it is a place of learning, team work and a common goal: to protect the ocean, and nature as a whole, through education and care. Happy birthday!
Katja Laingui

Education Operations Manager, Aquarium Foundation

As the Aquarium celebrates turning 25 years old, my very special and rewarding 11 years of working here draws to an end. I leave with a smile in my heart, knowing that I will always remain connected to the blue heart of our planet through this magnificent organisation!
Hayley McLellan

Environmental Change Agent, Aquarium Foundation

Happy birthday from us to you!

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13 November 2020

Feedback from our Introduction to Marine Biology (Marine Biobasics) Course

Feedback from our Introduction to Marine Biology (Marine Biobasics) Course

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As they progress through the courses and climb the grades, many of them express an interest in pursuing a marine related career. This generally starts off as wanting to be a ‘Marine Biologist’, but further research and guidance through our courses makes them aware of the huge variety of careers on offer. Our courses for Grades 6 to 9 provide a general insight into marine sciences, building up to our Grade Ten ‘Young Biologist’ Course, which provides a good combination of experiential learning as well as the opportunity to volunteer in the aquarium, if they want to.
The Marine Science Academy courses culminate in two five-day academic courses offered to Grade Elevens and Twelves (the latter on special request) who are considering studying Marine Sciences at a tertiary level, one on aspects of Biology and the second on Oceanography.

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Turtle Road Trip 2022: Journey with a purpose!

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