Marine Wildlife Management



The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is an incredible area where there is overlap between recreational use, industrial use as well as marine wildlife. Our team is managing all aspects of wildlife management in the V&A precinct as well as the Marina, which has Blue Flag status. We have permanent wildlife monitors patrolling the entire area on foot daily and recording the presence and movement of marine wildlife, especially Cape fur seals.

We also assist the Two Oceans Aquarium with an on-going seal disentanglement programme in collaboration with DFFE. We do roof top checks of all the buildings within the V&A precinct to ensure no seabirds or chicks are at risk. Sunfish are often assisted out of the harbour, and sometimes even the dry dock. Our team is on stand-by for any animal related emergencies or call-outs.


The V&A Waterfront and the platform in front of the Two Oceans Aquariums are ideal for viewing Cape fur seals. Their antics are truly entertaining.

For more than 2 decades seals enjoy using the jetties as resting space.

Our seal monitors encourage the seals to make use of the two platforms (clock tower and Two Oceans Aquarium) to reduce the chances of human-animal conflict on the jetties.

Through continuous monitoring we also identify seals entangled in fishing gear, box bands and plastic, and with the experienced seal disentanglement team of the Two Oceans Aquarium. Together we have disentangled more than 1000 seals over the last 10 years.


Various seabirds can be seen in the V&A Waterfront, and our team assists the Waterfront in ensuring that birds, chicks, nests and humans do not impact on each other.

SANCCOB collects all injured or ill seabirds for rehabilitative care, and our team acts as a first responders in the Waterfront area.

We have studied bird behavior in the Waterfront and support SANCCOB with their incredible welfare work.

Marine Mammals

We have observed, monitored and assisted various marine mammals in the V&A Waterfront. From dolphins to sea otters, and even an elephant seal, have been spotted in the harbour and often require a bit of guidance to head back out to sea.

Managing wildlife within a busy port, marina, residential and commercial tourist attraction is truly an exciting activity.

Rescue /ˈres.kjuː/ to help someone or something out of a dangerous, harmful, or unpleasant situation.


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