Education & Awareness

Outreach Programmes



The Two Oceans Aquarium is, sadly, an outing destination that is not possible for the majority of children in Cape Town. Many have never left their neighbourhoods, or townships, and even though the ocean is sometimes only a few kilometres away, many have never had the opportunity to visit their closest beach. Our outreach programmes aim to fill that gap, by bringing ocean education to children in under-resourced areas. We have two dedicated teachers that visit a different school every day, during school term, with vibrant and fun vans, filled with educational resources that offer a memorable experience to the children they teach. We currently have two outreach programmes, with different themes, aimed at children in the intermediate phase and grade 7. These programmes are free of charge to under-resourced schools, and available in the greater Cape Town area. Our outreach teachers can see up to 200 children a day, with a maximum of 40 children per class. Our lessons are aligned with the CAPS curriculum and focus on different themes, depending on the age group of the children.

In addition, we also have a Mobile Puppet Show team that visits pre-schools, crèche’s and primaries and brings our puppet stories to children that cannot visit the Aquarium. For many schools with very young children, an outing is a daunting experience. For a small fee, our team can visit your school and bring the Aquarium puppet story experience to you. With a qualified ECD teacher on the team, our educational games and activities are designed to teach children basic numeracy, literacy, shapes and colours in a fun way.

Oceans in Motion


Our original outreach programme, the ‘Oceans in Motion’ van has been a steady feature on Cape Town roads for years. Easily recognisable with its colourful artwork and solar panels on the roof, these solar panels power a one-of-a-kind life support system, which provides our ambassador animals a living environment whilst in transit. Thabo, our isiXhosa and English-speaking teacher, takes live animals to schools and teaches children about the wonders of the ocean and the animals that live beyond the waves.

Children get the unforgettable experience of touching live sea stars, sea urchins and sea anemones. Thabo also talks about the importance of our environment and our role in keeping it clean and protected. He brings the ocean to children in some of the poorer areas in Cape Town and, hopefully, inspires them to appreciate the amazing ecosystem that they have on their doorstep.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Malcolm X

Smart Living


Our Smart Living outreach programme, partly sponsored by the City of Cape Town, teaches children about the City’s six pillars of sustainability: biodiversity, energy, water, waste, the environment and heritage. Anzio, who is bilingual and can teach Afrikaans lessons, brings a fun and colourful van to your school, packed with educational activities that relate to each of the four themes. With tech-savvy presentations and hands-on learning, children are able to grasp concepts such as how electricity is produced, how to calculate a water footprint, the cradle to grave concept, and the biodiversity of Cape Town.

All of these themes fit well within the CAPS curriculum content of grade 6s and 7s. The aim of the Smart Living outreach programme is to teach children about responsible ways of living, in their homes and within their city, by protecting our biodiversity, conserving energy and water use, and minimising waste.

Mobile Puppet Shows


Our six fun and educational puppet shows can now be enjoyed by children in their school. We can link up with your theme at school, whether it is about wetlands or plastic pollution, our puppet shows are designed to educate young minds with the help of our specially designed, one-of-a-kind puppets. We have Thalie and Geo, who narrate our stories, featuring various animals, such as Sally the Seal, Balo the Clownfish and Tinks the Tortoise. The puppets take the children on a journey of discovery and often lead to excited and interactive interactions from the children.

We also incorporate song and games, which emphasise the themes of our puppet stories. Included in our visit is story time, as all of our puppet shows now have dedicated books, which are available for purchase. Teachers Aisha, Wafiqah and Siphokazi bring our stories to life and can offer them in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa.