Loggerhead hatchlings


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Every year, members of public, and our partners through our Turtle Rescue Network, find and transport up to 200 loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings to our rehabilitation facility. The 2021 hatchling stranding season has begun, and our first little patients are up for sponsorship. Through our 'Adopt-a-Hatchling' programme, you have the opportunity to donate money towards the recovery and rehabilitation of this endangered species. The little hatchlings that arrive at our facility will spend around 9 months with us, during which they usually increase in size tenfold. Once the conditions are right, we take them by boat to warmer waters off Cape Point, and release them back into their proper home. On average, each hatchling costs us around R8000 to rehabilitate, at roughly R30/per day/per hatchling. Your contribution of R2500 or R5000 will go a long way in the rehabilitation journey of each of these special sea turtles.

If you decide to donate towards our hatchling rehabilitation, an added bonus is that you will have the chance to name the little sea turtle you choose to sponsor. We name them numerically, as they arrive, however we do think that these special animals are more than just a number, and so deserve some awesome names too!

There are two options, when you donate:

  1. Full donation of R5000 will give you the sole naming rights to your chosen sea turtle. You will also receive a certificate with more details of your new sea turtle friend.
  2. Partial donation of R2500 will allow you to give your new sea turtle friend a cool first name, if you are the first partial donor. Or an awesome surname, if you are the second partial donor. You will also receive a certificate with more details of your new sea turtle friend.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Turtle Hero family!