Adopt hatchling #44_2022


Hatchling #44_2022 is one of the rescued loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings being rehabilitated by the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation. By adopting #44_2022, you’re helping us feed, nurse and care for this little one so that it can be returned to the ocean for a second chance at life.

  • Name: #44_2022 (by adopting a turtle, you get to choose a name!)
  • Arrived at turtle hospital: 10 April 2022
  • Rescue location: Keurbooms
  • Weight on arrival: 47.04g
  • Length on arrival: 5.8cm
  • Width on arrival: 5.5cm

Hatchling #44 was rescued on 10 April at Keurbooms, near Plettenberg Bay! On rescue, #44 weighed in at 47.04g and was noted as strong on arrival (despite being covered in algae with a small goose barnacle hitchhiker). #44 has not pooped out any pieces of plastic yet, thankfully

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Why adopt a turtle?

It costs us about R27 per day to rehabilitate the average turtle – but few of them are “average”. From 25g hatchlings to 80kg heavyweights, dehydration to broken shells and picky eaters to energetic rascals, it takes a passionate and dedicated team to provide each turtle with the individual care and treatment it needs to be nursed back to health.

To help cover the expense of this critical care, we are opening up the opportunity for members of the public to adopt a turtle by paying for its rehabilitation – and in so doing, helping us continue our turtle conservation work. The adoption fee helps us cover the extensive medical care and compassion “spent” on each and every individual turtle. In return, adopters get to name their chosen hatchling, will receive a unique certificate of adoption, will receive monthly updates on the rehabilitation progress of their chosen hatchling, and will know that they’ve directly contributed to helping this little member of an endangered species have a second chance at life!

These hatchlings will likely be released in summer, when weather and ocean conditions are optimal and once our veterinarian has cleared them for release in a final health assessment. Adopters will receive updates on release plans and progress as part of their individual updates.

What do adopters get?

In addition to helping to save the life of an endangered loggerhead sea turtle, adopters get a few perks:

  • Pick a name for your turtle, which we’ll use for all updates and news about it!
  • Receive a certificate of adoption.
  • Be kept in the loop for news and updates about your turtle, including news about their release when the time comes!
  • The pride of knowing you’ve directly contributed to adding to the breeding population of an Endangered species!

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