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Grade 11 Intro to Oceanography Course sponsored by De Beers Marine

Interested in studying oceanography but not too sure what it is all about? This Grade 11 course introduces basic concepts in the study of the ocean. Why is the ocean blue and salty? Why are there mountain ranges under the ocean? What causes the circulation of ocean currents? Is climate change affecting the ocean? What happens as you dive deeper?

Learn to answer these questions, and more, at the Introduction to Oceanography Course!

Dates: 12 December to 16 December 2022
Location: Two Oceans Aquarium
Cost: Free for local Grade 11 learners (thanks De Beers Marine)
Application closing date: 29 November 2022

How to apply for sponsorship:
Thanks to De Beers Marine, 50 South African Grade 11 learners can participate for free. Applicants should download this letter and ask their teachers to complete the required information. Applicants should also complete a 350-500-word motivation letter (details in the download). These documents should be emailed to courses@aquariumfoundation.org.za together with the applicant's July/August school report.