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I Love Turtles book


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Book details:

Hatch the turtle is newly hatched and still has a lot to learn about the world. On his way to the ocean, he meets Tinks the tortoise, who thinks that they might be related. Together they learn about the differences between turtles and tortoises, but danger lurks in the sky as Tinks is stalked by Edgar the eagle. Also meet Bella, the wise old mommy turtle, as she saves Hatch from some marine debris.

The interactive dialogue allows children to become part of the wonderful storyline, while learning about animals and conservation in a fun and creative way. This book is also filled with extra activities, such as 'brain tickles', growing big and strong' where you'll learn about the turtle lifecycle, and 'where do I belong?', a fun and easy way of learning about different types of animals.

Suitable for ages 2-years and up.

Written and illustrated by Marguerite Venter. Also available in Afrikaans.