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Marine Sciences Classes and Activities: Pro crew


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Our weekly classes and activities for our pro-crew have been developed to inform and inspire our high school eco leaders. Our classes compliment the school curriculum with a core focus on marine biology, sustainability, oceanography and biodiversity. Our pro-crew will learn the skills required to manage eco clubs, organise environmental clean-ups and include environmental awareness in decision making. The future is in their hands, and equipping our future innovators, entrepreneurs, business leaders and decision makers with a solid understanding of our impact on the environment as well as the sustainable development goals, our planet will have a much brighter future.

Our educators and guest speakers will give career guidance and share incredible stories of discovery, adventure, science, social impact and making a difference. We will have live streamed sessions as well as pre-recorded content.

Subscribe to the Foundation crew at only R200/month for environmental inspiration and information for our future eco leaders.