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Treat Bob



Bob is a green turtle and has been with us since November 2014. He has had a rocky road with many health issues that have troubled him over the years. When he first arrived at our turtle rehabilitation centre he had a bad wound on his plastron, which is the shell on a turtle’s abdomen, and he was not eating. Bob’s wound on his plastron slowly healed, however we needed to tube feed him for a long time as he was just not interested in food. He underwent many medical tests, including blood test, x-rays and a MRI scan. He also developed meningitis, which caused temporary blindness. Bob also had not pooped since he arrived, another concerning medical factor. Finally, after three months of no eating and no pooping, our turtle team found several pieces of plastic bags and balloons floating in Bob’s medical pool. He had eaten these in the ocean and they caused several of his medical issues. Once the plastic was out of his system, Bob started improving rapidly.

He is currently living in the I&J Ocean Exhibit of the Two Oceans Aquarium. Bob has some mid-brain damage, which means that he responds to things slower than most turtles. This is the main reason why he has not been released back into the ocean. We are hoping to do so soon, however, only when we are confident that Bob is ready and able to survive in the ocean on his own.

In the meantime, Bob will remain in our rehabilitation centre. He is a very chilled and sweet turtle, who loves back scratches. We make sure to give him lots of enrichment, by teaching him to dive for his food and give him various exercises. This is important, so that we mimic his natural foraging behaviour. Bob, like all older green turtles, is a vegetarian. We feed him a mix of carrots, broccoli, baby marrow and peppers. These veggies are nutritionally the most similar to the seaweeds that he would feed on in the ocean. Bob's absolute favourite are carrots.

You can help us feed Bob, and ensure that we can give him the best treatment possible, by treating Bob with a donation. You can choose from various options. If you just choose the donation, you will receive a certificate from us as a thank you. You can also choose to treat yourself, by opting for a small gift that we can courier to you. This option is only available to people who live in South Africa, at the moment.