Treat a Turtle


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Treat Harry



Harry, a green turtle, arrived at our turtle rehab centre 21 October 2020, from Stillbaai, weighing 13,5 kg. We noticed that he had nasty damage on his shell. Not open wounds, but rather shell rot – an infection underneath the scutes of the carapace. We needed to take off a large number of his scutes to clean his wounds and be able to treat them properly.

Whilst incredibly weak and clearly fighting intense infection, Harry has pushed through- like the magical turtle he is!

His recovery is slow, as he has much healing to do and this takes huge energy. We are happy to announce that Harry's condition has improved hugely and that he is now swimming in the I&J Ocean Exhibit, at the Two Oceans Aquarium. Along with his exhibit mate, Bob, he enjoys exploring the big space he now has to swim in. Harry still has some health concerns that we need to investigate, such as a possible problem with one of his eyes. Harry has also started eating more, which we will hope leads to weight gain and helping him in his healing process.

You can help us treat Harry. His needs are more focused on medical treatments, although we do try and entice him with some white mussel and squid every day. You can choose from various donation options. If you just choose the donation, you will receive a certificate from us as a thank you. You can also choose to treat yourself, by opting for a small gift that we can courier to you. This option is only available to people who live in South Africa, at the moment.