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Treat Pan




When Pan arrived at our turtle rehab, it was very much in the same way that all the other hatchlings do: cold, dehydrated and in need of love. He had been rescued in Struisbaai, 29 April 2019, through our rescue network and brought to the Aquarium weighing 49g. After being with us for a few months, this little turtle developed an ear infection, which improved once treated with antibiotics. Unfortunately however, once healed, this ear infection kept coming back, even after special surgery.

We do however have a plan. One can insert a small bead, containing antibiotics, into the ear bone, which can help fight the infection deeply from inside. We haven’t had much luck creating this bead in South Africa and are now looking overseas.

In the meantime, Pan is a happy member of our turtle rehab. He loves his little pool where he can swim through his tunnel, nap with his head up in the corner of the tank and eat yummy squid, pilchard and mussel!

Pan is what we call a post-hatchling (the toddler equivalent of the turtle world): 2-years old now, weighing 3,5 kg and really starting to develop the features of a proper grown up turtle. We love having him around but are looking forward to being able to complete his rehabilitation.

You can help us care for Pan and his ear condition. We are looking for a solution to his ear infection, which will mean we have to source medication outside of South Africa. You can choose from various donation options. If you just choose the donation, you will receive a certificate from us as a thank you. You can also choose to treat yourself, by opting for a small gift that we can courier to you. This option is only available to people who live in South Africa, at the moment.