The sea turtle rehabilitation
facility – our turtle hospital



All sea turtles are endangered and we are very fortunate to be in the perfect location to receive stranded and injured sea turtles for rehabilitation and release. We are based at the Two Oceans Aquarium with access to a fantastic veterinary clinic and incredible veterinarians giving up their time to help us save turtles.

With a wonderful donation and assistance from Deep Blue Aquatic Systems we expanded our hospital in 2016 and can hold and care for up to 100 sea turtle hatchlings at any given time. Since we formalized our rehabilitation programme we have cared for and released more than 600 sea turtles back into the ocean. We satellite tag many of the larger turtles and it has been so encouraging to see how well they do once healthy and released.

We are always so grateful to people along the coast of South Africa who rescue these stranded and injured turtles and either notify us or our turtle network points. Without caring people these turtles will have no chance of survival.

South Africa has been a world leader in sea turtle conservation, due to the incredible insight and actions of our dear friend, Dr. George Hughes, and his colleagues since 1963. Nesting loggerhead female numbers have increased from about 200 observed annually in the 1960’s to more than 1000 currently due to the conservation efforts by this dedicated team. This is a true conservation success story.

The current biggest threats to sea turtles worldwide are ghost fishing gear and plastic pollution.

The Sea Turtle Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release programme relies on donations from our caring supporters. Please assist us to continue to save turtles.

‘The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it’.

Robert Swan