Treat a Turtle

At our sea turtle rehabilitation centre, some patients need more long-term care, as they struggle with various health conditions that we try and treat. Our three heroes in a shell are Bob, Harry and Pan. Bob has been at the rehab facility, based at the Two Oceans Aquarium, since November 2014. He will still need a few years, until we can hopefully release him back into the ocean. It costs us around R240 000 per year to rehabiliatte Bob. Harry only arrived in 2020, but is not ready for release due to various health ailments. We are working towards an eventual release, once he is fully healthy. It costs around R50 000 per year to rehabilitate Harry. Pan, our 2-year old loggerhead, arrived in 2019, and has been suffering from a recurrent ear infection since he was just a little hatchling. He will still need some more care, before returning to the ocean. It costs us around R50 000 per yearto rehabilitate Pan. 

You can help us rehabilitate Bob, Harry and Pan, by treating them with a donation of your choice. Choose a turtle to treat!

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